Lyndsey Yates Design

Software Skills
Cinema 4D
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Office


Liverpool / West Lancs

My Story

I was always the kid who could be found in her room colouring in. It maybe makes sense then that I would grow up to find a job in the sector often referred to as 'the colouring in department'. Bringing a little colour to peoples lives is no bad thing though hey?
A love of all things creative has motivated me into a career where I am always faced with a new challenge. A new story to tell. A new message to convey. Some small details to emphasise. And because I was that kid who always put the lids back on my pens, I'm quite an organised adult too.
In October 2015 I decided to take my career in a slightly different direction and leave my in-house job to go freelance. I believe the multitude of skills I have learned being an in-house designer have more than prepared me with an ability to take on a variety of projects. I look forward to the opportunities, challenges and new personalities I will encounter in this next chapter!
As part of this freelance career move, my partner (a web developer) and I set up our own company, Errozero. Currently we are working on some exciting apps.If you need to hire a web developer and designer, please head to that website!
I am now available for freelance work, please use
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